NSW Teen Dead After Smoking Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic cannabis is fucking terrible stuff. Honestly, you could talk to any doctor and they would guarantee you that, assuming you had a clean supply and correctly dosed (using a clean syringe), you’d be better off using heroin. The problem with synthetic cannabis is intertwined with its genetic makeup, and the fact its ingredient base is constantly changing, as producers continue to try and outsmart legislators and all those people with brains who don’t want you to fucking die.

Sadly, the rammifications of the drug were made glaringly apparent when Hunter Valley teen Dean Shield was found unresponsive in a drain in Rutherford near Maitland. Hours earlier, he had purchased and consumed the drug, and while the autopsy results will not be released until Thursday, it’s fairly clear synthetic cannabis played an integral role in the death of the teen.

To make matters worse, during the investigation, two 22-year-olds in neighbouring suburbs became critically ill, having also consumed the drug.

“Police are warning anyone who is considering experimenting with illicit or synthetic drugs, no matter how they are branded or presented, to not do it. It’s a gamble with your life that’s just not worth taking,” a statement from NSW Police said.

Dean Shield was 17, and our thoughts are with his friends and family.
Photo via ABC.

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