Neighbourhood Grinch Writes C**t in Christmas Lights, Gets Arrested


There are people who absolutely adore Christmas. There are people who begrudgingly tolerate it. And then there are those who harbour such venomous contempt for the so-called ‘silly season’ that they make a special point of defiling it for all.

Steve McGawley is one such man. While everyone else was merrily erecting elves and reindeers on their rooftops, McGawley– of Blackpool, England– was erecting a neon cock and the word ‘CUNT’ across the front of his house in flashing blue lights. Police confronted McGawley and asked him to dismantle the offensive decorations, which he did.

Image: Mercury

But not long after the cops had left, the Banksy of Blackpool was up to his old tricks: this time festooning his façade with a giant neon bell followed by the word ‘END’, and– in case that was still too subtle– the same blue dick that he’d just been asked to take down.

The second call-out of police officers caught McGawley at a bad time, with the perplexed Englishman refusing to come to the door in light of the fact that he was starkers. When he did meet the officers face-to-face, it was only to insist with impressive aloofness that the decorations weren’t rude but “festive”, and that he wouldn’t take them down. See footage of the exchange below.

Highlights of the conversation include a back-and-forth between McGawley and a police officer over whether or not it’s a cock– “It’s not a cock”; “Yes it is a cock”; “It isn’t”– and McGawley’s last-ditch effort to convince them that it’s in fact a dyslexic mushroom.

The man was eventually arrested and taken into custody, after which he replaced the decorations with the words ‘IM SORRY’. Seriously, this needs to be made into a family Christmas movie starring Tim Allen.

Feature image: Playbuzz

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