Market Research Suggests 1/3 Of Vegetarians Eat Meat When Drunk

UK coupon site Voucher Codes Pro (questionable, from the get go) have released results from a survey that prompted vegetarians on their eating habits while drunk. According to the results, 37% of vegos meat-binged after downing a few brews. 1,789 people were reportedly interviewed by the likely unqualified team behind Voucher Codes Pro, and to nil surprise, the featured findings were enough to have websites like YFH and Death & Taxes writing articles (including hyperlinks) about the creators.

Either way, the findings are comical. Respondents were initially asked ‘When drunk, do you ever eat meat?’ Over a third of respondents (37%) admitted that they did in fact up their protein intake when boozed. Respondents were then prompted on frequency, being asked which was the most applicable:

1. Every time you are drunk on a night out– 34%
2. Fairly often – 26%
3. Rarely – 22%
4. Occasionally – 18%

Then they were prompted on what sort of meat they eat:

1. Kebab meat – 39%
2. Beef Burgers – 34%
3. Bacon – 27%
4. Fried Chicken – 19%
5. Pork Sausages – 14%

Funny? Yes. Surprising? Not Really. Authentic? Definitely not.

Death and Taxes pointed out the following:

A cursory googling of George Charles, the guy who supposedly founded the website, reveals he is actually the site’s marketing director. As chronicled on the blog Bad PR, Mr. Charles specializes in creating the types of vaguely sourced surveys (and blog posts about them) that drive traffic to his clients with sensationalistic, “sharable” stories that create desire for his clients’ products. So what’s the angle here?

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