Legendary Stoned Bro Dave Wisniewski Experiences Nature, Flips Out

Sometime last week, a bloke named Dave Wisniewski went outside after ripping a few bongs. What happened next wasn’t all that significant.

This is freaking insane. I got really baked then check out what I just caught on video. So I’m walking out front, taking out the recyclables when I see this huge fluttering out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was a hummingbird but it was down low by the wall it turns out it was a monster grasshopper I think. So I start to record to see how close of a picture I can get and it flies away. Once airborne A bird dives and out of nowhere and snatches it in mid air. It scared the shit out of me. Man that was nuts!

As it turns out, Wisniewski is the Chairman of Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Political Action Committee, with various calls to action on his YouTube channel about ‘following him on Facebook’ and ‘joining the fight to legalise cannabis’. So all of this may have just been a ploy to garner traffic, but either way, there’s a certain level of enjoyment watching a stoner become incomprehensibly overwhelmed by something relatively simple.


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