Kmart Are Selling ‘Swagdad’ T-Shirts

Apparently Kmart have hired 40-year-old virgins to tell them what’s ‘hip’ these days. The giant retail store, owned by Wesfarmers, is now stocking ‘Swagdad’ t-shirts in all of its 170 Australian stores, essentially providing fathers with wearable ‘dad jokes’. For one reason or another, the chain is even pairing the shittest t-shirts ever with fedoras, as seen in this very euphoric display. Up until now, I thought the term swag was primarily used by kids like this one, but apparently our elders can get in on the action too.

It’s certainly not the first time Kmart have taken part in a misguided attempt to be trendy. The failing discount chain is squashed somewhere between Target (perceived as ‘more trendy’ – though calling Target trendy is like calling Billabong avant-garde) and Big W (perceived as ‘more relevant’). Though maybe the ‘Swagdad’ t-shirts are their savior, and hoards of hip middle aged men will come flocking to the stores in order to appear ‘rad’ in front of their children. Moving on from the topic of ‘things that will never happen’, perhaps heaps of father’s will receive ironic Christmas presents this year.

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