Hackers Just Leaked All Of That Ashley Maddison Account Data

A few weeks ago, hackers broke into Ashley Madison’s servers and stole a whole swag of data. Due to the nature of the website, of which cheating is the foundation, the news pinged around the internet very quickly, leaving in its wake a legion of very anxious unfaithfuls.

The customer information included real names and addresses, credit card details, and even sexual fantasies, and in total, was more than 10GB worth. The hackers, calling themselves The Impact Team, wanted both Ashley Maddison and Established Men to be taken down permanently, and accused the companies of lying about deleting the data of its members.

Now, the information has allegedly been leaked and posted to a .onion address on the dark web. In a message accompanying the leaked data, the hackers wrote:

“Avid Life Media has failed to take down Ashley Madison and Established Men. We have explained the fraud, deceit, and stupidity of ALM and their members. Now everyone gets to see their data.”

As Motherboard pointed out, 4chan members are already making good use of their time by combing through all the date. One user has even found a swag of email addresses that apparently belong to members of the British government.

Photo by Wired. Story via Motherboard.

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