Guy Wears 12 Layers Of Clothing To Protest Extra Baggage Fee, Passes Out On Plane

19-year-old James McElvar is part of UK band Rewind (whom we’re unfamiliar with) and is also a member of the nonexclusive cohort of people who hate paying for extra baggage. To show his distaste of the current system, McElvar wore 12 layers of clothing on his EasyJet flight from London to Glasgow.

Having saved the $93 fee, the teen boarded the flight in the ridiculous costume and soon after ran into heavy personal turbulence. Reports say that minutes after take-off, McElvar was heating up and requested assistance from staff, who moved him to the empty back row. Talking with the UK Sun, he said:

“I was soaked with sweat and within minutes I was sick. I got moved to another seat but I collapsed moments later. I was shaking and convulsing. I couldn’t breathe. I heard someone shouting, ‘Man down – is there a doctor on board?’ An off-duty paramedic rushed to my aid and an oxygen tank was brought to me. Other passengers held my legs and arms to stop them shaking.”

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