Feast Your Eyes on Some Bloke Doing the Ultimate Macca’s Run by Helicopter

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, McDonald’s cravings ain’t no joke. They can hit at the most unexpected times, you could be muzzing away on a dancefloor and all of a sudden, as if by divine intervention, you have a strange urge to satisfy those hunger pangs with a big ol’ serving of some unintelligible mess of grease and regret.

For most of us, Macca’s cravings usually result in some half-baked attempt at self-will before speeding dow the drive through to guilty ask for a family box while the cashier is extremely aware that there’s only you in the car. That is, of course, if you’re some pleb that takes their car on a Macca’s run instead of their fully sick chopper.

Which is exactly what some bloke in Sydney’s north-west did when he landed his helicopter on the lawn outside of a McDonald’s and proceeded to pop in for a few cheeky nugs. The man, who I assume suffers from a condition called “Balls of steel”, planted his green chopper down at about 4.20pm yesterday and went inside to collect his order, all while leaving his ride running.

According to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the pilot wasn’t technically doing anything against the law if the owner of the land gave them permission. They are still investigating the situation.

So, there you have it. Getting a chopper is clearly the most efficient and effective means of getting some nugs inside ya. If they try to tell you that the shake machine is broken, feel free to unleash those machine guns.

Source and Image: 9news

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