Drive Thru Workers Sold Weed to Customers Asking for “Extra Crispy Fries”

Sometimes, the world aligns and you are blessed with gifts that you didn’t even ask for. It could be a dollar that you find on the ground, some more credit on your bus pass, or even a half-filled baggie on the floor of a nightclub. Finding things that you didn’t necessarily expect is one of lifes most wholesome pleasures.

This thrill even extends to fast-food drive-throughs, where almost everyday people are blessed with a cheeky extra nug or a few more fries. This method of improving someone’s day through the drive through must have been working quite well, so a couple of budding entrepreneurs decided to give it a whirl.

20-year-old Burger King worker Garrett Norris and 19-year-old shift manager Meagan Dearborn had been selling weed to customers who asked for a  “Nasty Boy,” and then for extra crispy fries. While this method would be undoubtedly convenient for customers, it’s quite obviously illegal and maybe not the best place to sell weed.

Cops busted the pair after a sting operation, and while Meagan appears to still be working at Burger King, her business partner Garrett was fired. Thankfully, the weed wasn’t mixed into the food but sold in separate containers. Which is a good thing, if I wanted something gritty that tasted like shit, I would have just ordered a whopper.



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