Dogs Get Shitfaced On Christmas Booze

A couple of spaniels in North East England have gotten stuck right into the Christmas spirit this year, writing themselves off on a bottle of Christmas Advocaat.

Oscar and Martha necked the alcoholic beverage after reckless cocker spaniel Brecon, the clear instigator of the group, poured the bottle out over the kitchen floor. When mum and dad got home, Brecon the sneaky bastard was sober as a nun– Oscar and Martha, on the other hand, were off their tiny faces.

“Oscar was standing in the corner of the utility room looking sheepish and drowsy… [and] Martha was staggering and swaying,” said owner Fiona Robson, who came in to find the two pissed pooches stumbling around the kitchen like a pair of fuck-eyed freshmen. The dogs were rushed to the vet, where Dr Emma Hidson induced vomiting and got some charcoal in their guts to soak up the remaining alcohol.

Image: Handout

“Alcohol affects pets in the same way it does humans, so Oscar and Martha were quite tiddly when they arrived,” said Dr Hidson. “Brecon was absolutely fine, but the other two were a bit wobbly.”

Both dogs pulled up alright, as it turns out– but it is worth emphasising that alcohol’s not heaps good for dogs. Make sure your pets are responsible this festive season.

And keep them away from the Brecons in your life. We all know a Brecon.

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