Delusional "Power Couple" Claim They’re The Hottest People In America

Image via Barcroft.

Buck and Michelle Miller might be the worst couple in America (if you’re having trouble working out which one is Buck, he’s the one with the slightly deeper voice). According to Barcroft, the two of them spend 50,000 pounds a year on making themselves look good, which warrants a small YouTube segment where they spend four minutes talking about how good they look. What they don’t realise is that they didn’t have to speak for me to hate them – just looking at their roast turkey skin was enough.

They call themselves the most attractive couple in America and say there is no other “jacked” couple like them. They’re ridiculously confident (read: cocky) and proudly call themselves a ‘power couple’, which is just an umbrella term for people in relationships who need a way to pardon their arrogance.

Best comment on YouTube goes to this bloke:

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