Dedicated Cereal Cafe To Open In Melbourne This Month

A dedicated cereal café is opening in Melbourne this month, adding to the surplus of cool cats in the ‘zany ideas’ industry. ‘Cereal Anytime’ hopes to put an end to the monstrous morning only curfew on cereals, providing an all day cereal experience.

Apart from being Melbourne’s hottest new date spot and quite possibly a citywide stoner magnet, the café intends to not only serve a unique menu, but operate as a unique store completely.

The currency accepted in store is post-it notes, each post it note is $4 and stuck up on the wall of the café. Customers are urged to ‘pay it forward’, meaning those not able to afford a meal can come in, take a post it note from the wall and eat for free. A bowl of Coco Pops probably isn’t quite what a starving person off the street wants, but then again I don’t even give them eye contact so I’m certainly not in a position to make that call.

Even more zanily and kookily and totally Melbz is the plan to have dieticians in store to inform customers of the nutritional value of cereal, and to demonstrate to customers how cereal is only recommended to be eaten in moderation. Granted, it does seem like a strange business plan, like if butchers told us what were really in sausages, or if something was set up to allow people to stream music for free through an online medium.

I just have this terrifying premonition of the future where every restaurant employs a personal trainer to tell me how bad chicken parmas are and make me do sit ups on the spot to burn the calories off.

The café itself is only a pop up, and will be open for the next three months before the building it’s in is turned into a bar. You know, one of those places that everyone loves and is a proven success.

You can find them on Facebook here, if you want more details about the launch. I for one will be taking my elderly Grandfather to further confuse him about the modern world. The man will fucking lose it.

Written by Christian Eva.

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