Check Out This Cooked As Fuck Father-Son Burnout Duo

Some loose unit named Alex Dobson has shared a video of his son Riley ripping some serious burnouts outside their home in Queeensland. The video, which clearly shows the five-year-old going HAM, has since gone viral and got the irresponsible father in a whole heap of shit. Alongside being investigated by child protection services, the majority of the internet has turned on the stupid dad, because, well, he’s a moron.

With over two million views, and 30,000 shares, we’re trying to work out whether the bonus social clout was worth the Queensland Police seizing his car and him doing a fucking terrible interview with Channel 9 on national television. When asked if he regrets it, he essentially said “yeah but nah”. “I am beginning to, only because of how far it’s gone and the consequences.” When asked if he thought he had put his son’s life at risk, Dobson said: “Definitely not, no way would I ever put my child’s life at risk”.

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