Bloke Finds Coins Behind Sofa, Manages to Sell Them For Nearly $50k

Finding money in unexpected places is one of life’s greatest gifts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s $2 on the floor or $100 in a nightclub toilet, finding free money fucking rules… as long as you don’t consider the moral consequences that come with it.

What’s even better is finding money you didn’t even know you had, for a slight second it almost feels like the world’s patting you on the back, by flicking you a gold coin so you can buy a frozen coke when you’re hungover as balls.

Although everyone has a “Finder’s keepers, losers weepers” type story, one fella from England definitely has us all beat hands downs. On Australia day eve, when we were prepping to get mind-numbingly shit faced the next day, a Northamptonshire man was conducting a routine house clean when he stumbled across a suitcase hidden behind his sofa.

Upon opening the case, he found an estimated 100 22-carat gold sovereigns dating back to the mid 20th century and 16 solid silver bars. The homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “I went to pick it up and I almost pulled my shoulder out of its socket, it was so heavy – so I had to drag it out unceremoniously.” In all fairness, if I found a suitcase full of hella old expensive coins, my behaviour would be a bit past “Unceremonious.”

Old mate did whatever any normal person would do and set off to flog ’em at an auction. The entire collection managed to rake in more than £30,000 ($49,000) with individual pieces selling for around £190 to £480.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would be unaware of a suitcase filled with vintage coins in their house, or why it has seemingly been unmoved since the 20th century. All I know is that old mates gonna have a lot of fun down the pokies this weekend.


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