Aussie Macgyver Resuscitates Kookaburra With An Air Compressor

Ever seen a man bring a bird back to life with an air compressor? Of course you haven’t– no one’s ever brought a bird back to life with an air compressor. That is, of course, until one shit out-of-luck kookaburra drowned in an Aussie backyard pool recently and the man of the house fucking BROUGHT IT BACK TO LIFE WITH AN AIR COMPRESSOR.

Let’s just take a breath and start at the beginning.

So you know how birds are occasionally wont to fly face-first into windowpanes? Well that’s where this story begins: when a poor little kookaburra, probably cacking himself over God knows what, collided with the windowpane of a suburban Australian home and dropped haplessly into the family swimming pool. Any other day of the week and this would’ve been “hello darkness my old friend” for the Australian icon– but not today.

“My dad was in his car when he saw the bird hit the glass wall and land in our pool in which he drowned and was close to dying,” said ironically named YouTuber Oxygnn, who uploaded the incredible video of the backyard rescue to the interwebs.

Wikipedia states that: “Even though they belong to the larger group known as “kingfishers”, kookaburras are not closely associated with water”– and Wiki, you have no bloody idea.

The video begins with Oxygnn’s dad straight up squeaking the bird like a dog toy, presumably to flush the water out of its tiny lungs but also possibly as a result of some sick torturous impulse.

“Alright stop– I think you’re killing it,” pleads Oxygnn, and yet dad continues, picking up the near-dead animal and lifting its beak to his lips. “No don’t, oi dad jus…”

Yep. This backyard vet deadset just started CPR-ing a kookaburra poolside. When this proves ineffective, however, things really get turned up a notch or two. Before you can say: “alright stop I think you’re killing it” the ever-resourceful Aussie dad’s hooking the hose from an air compressor to the bird’s limp mouth and pumping its body full of oxygen. The triumphant moment when the kookaburra spasms back to life will bring a tear to your Macgyver-loving eye.

Stone the flamin’ crows if this isn’t the most true blue thing you’ve ever bloody seen.

Images: YouTube

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