Archaeologists Uncover 2,400-Year-Old Gold Bongs

A group of skilled archaeologists have uncovered two smoking implements reportedly used by tribal chiefs approximately 2,400 years ago. The gold ‘bongs’, which were uncovered last week, contained blackened residue on the inside of their structures. Criminologists were hired to decipher the substance and concluded that it was a byproduct of cannabis and opium, confirming that the utensils were used to smoke various substances.

It is believed they belong to Scythian tribes, a warrior race known for their dominant rulings of areas throughout Asia and Europe, beginning in the 9th century BC and concluding in 4th century AD. Daily Mail explains that the use of mind-altering substances were often a precursor to battle, setting combatants up with the right mind-frame before waging war.

The gold bongs are the Powerade bottle’s unofficial predecessor.

But what would the bong lord say about this?
Photos by Daily Mail.

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