Watch Tony Abbott Punish A Schooner Of VB, Judge His Drinking Skills

Tony Abbott has pulled a Bob Hawke and skolled a schooner of VB at a Sydney pub last night, and funnily enough, Australian Woman’s Weekly have nabbed the footage. The feat was done in front of a loud crowd of Aussie Rules players from the UTS Bats Football club, who were celebrating an awards night at Royal Oak Hotel in Double Bay.

Big Tones was conned into smashing a bevvy, and in no time, he was downing it to the glee of the players around him. Thoughts?

#EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: We’ve just seen Prime Minister Tony Abbott pull a Bob Hawke and skoll his beer at a Sydney pub. We have the full story here. >>> http://bit.ly/1G5rvPQ #auspol

Posted by The Australian Women’s Weekly on Saturday, 18 April 2015

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