Watch Chill Grannies Pound Fireball Whisky, React Accordingly

Depending on who you ask, Fireball whisky is a shitty novelty or the true elixir of God himself. It received its first bout of notoriety when it was made public that the product, which is of Canadian origin, contained the same ingredients found in Antifreeze. Of course, that didn’t do much more than encourage a young demographic of people who like getting extremely fucked up to buy more and more of it.

On top of the Antifreeze controversy, Huffpost pointed out that its rise to fame is “thanks to clever marketing maneuvers that involved Twitter, bikini-clad Nashville bartenders and tons of free shots at colleges across the U.S.”

Now, online magazine Obsev have asked four grandmas to try stuff for the first time, and not unlike the video in which grannies had their first puff on a joint, the final product is pretty great.

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