TAX Collection Actually Made Me Enjoy Art

By Tony Futura

I know some art aficionado is going to have intelligent things to say about the evolution of art and how some Russian artist with a fourteen-syllable last name took a shit in a box in Syria that sold for $2 million, but this article isn’t for you. This article is for everyone who isn’t yet entwined with the world of art. This is for all those fresh canvases out there, pardon the pun. Introducing The Tax Collection (a crew we found via Racquet, who you need to follow if you’re not already).


Tax collection

The Tax Collection focus on the collation of creative minds, defining themselves as, “a creative collective dedicated to exposing the world to today’s modern artists.”  Started by Tanner and Max, their unprejudiced Instagram showcases an entire spectrum of art that I actually vibe on, every single damn day (sorry uni).

Like most things, obsession had me digging deeper, and soon enough I learned TAX is so much more than just a rad Instagram. Driven by an undertone of angst toward the art industry’s misleading nature, they perceive ‘sacred’ as a (thereabout) fallacy, evident in their reference to French sociologist David Émile Durkheim, tucked away on the brand’s ‘about‘ page. Though if you adopt the TAX train of thought, all of this is petty semantics.

By @choerte. Curated by TAX.

By @trophywifebarbie. Curated by TAX.

All that really matters is unique, cool produce, and by produce I mean creation. Not even art; anything visual. Anything that makes you stop and look, whether it be still or in motion.

Summary? TAX are sick. I’m not surprised they just popped up in NYC. Big things coming from those two.

Via Racquet Studio.

“Louis Vuitton Trunk on Fire” – @thetylershields

Work by @somemikey. Curated by TAX.

‘Coke’ with the amazing @pageruth

Work by @savemolly. Via TAX.

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