Sander van Doorn’s Burning Man Recap Is A Cinematic Masterpiece

We talk about Burning Man every other day. From the 2013 recap video and 2014 expose on the famed Burning Man art, to personal tales and the folklore of the girl who refused to leave (here), we’ve had a red hot run covering everything there is about the iconic desert throw down. With the 2014 edition of the event freshly finished, a swarm of photos and recap videos are making their way onto the internet, giving massive FOMO to everyone who wasn’t there massive. Though perhaps one of the very best takes on the event comes from DJ and producer Sander van Doorn, who took his recount of the event to new heights. His video is a cinematic journey through his eyes, and a reminder of why you should start saving right now to make it there next year. Enjoy.

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