Read This Flatmates.com.au User’s Intense Rant At "Drug People"

Finding roomies on flatmates.com.au is like living in an episode of Criminal Minds. You’re suspicious of everybody you haven’t seen before. You use superficial encounters to gauge a person’s psychological stability. Eventually, hopefully, you separate the serial killers from the harmless freaks.

And then you meet this guy. On the upside, he (apparently) “donot sale Ice.” On the downside, he writes intense rants about “drug people,” but sends them to the wrong recipient.

Somebody uploaded the exchange to Imgur. It starts with a claim that the user “am totally understand tonight you donit have fucking money buy ice to damage your ugly twisted brain,” and culminates in a terrific burn. “My email rejectmotherfucker @ g mail .com just incase you are not fucking understand …”

Honestly, just read it.

My friend’s sister contacted a person for a place to stay since she’s migrating. One of the responses stood out.

Words by Antony Scholefield. Photo by JasonKayakl.

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