Lusid Art Giving Away Amazing, One-Of-A-Kind Piece

Do you have boring walls at home? Do you like appreciating assets? Do you think things that look cool are cool? What about appearing sophisticated when your Tinder dates come over? Say no more! Gold Coast legend, illustrator and all round cool human Alex Saba – known widely as Lusid Art – has teamed up with Racquet Studio -an Aussie creative collective you should get in and around right now- to give away a signed A3, one-of-a-kind print. Better yet, it’s the coloured version of her very popular ‘Cassie’ creation. Pictured below.

To enter, all you need to do is follow Racquet Studio on Instagram and give their competition post some love. That’s it. That’s literally it. If you want a double entry, do the same on Racquet’s Facebook. Entering is easy; art is hard. You deserve this.

With that said, we can’t all be winners. Lusid Art’s store is stocked full of amazing work you can grab – check it out here.

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