Justin Bieber Got Put In A Chokehold And Was Kicked Out Of Coachella (Video)

Justin Bieber aka J Biebz aka Do You Belieb was at Coachella enjoying Drake’s set when he decided it was time to make his way into the artist’s entrance, because Biebs can do whatever the fuck he wants. Unfortunately, a scuffle broke out when he was told the area was at capacity, and despite Bieber saying Drake had personally invited him into the area, Mr Hero Security Guard wasn’t having a bar of it.

After some miscommunication, a Coachella staffer decided to walk Bieber into the artist area. At that point, Mr Hero Security Guard returned and put Bieber in a chokehold and ordered him to leave a festival. Bieber is now considering “legal action”.

Parasites of all things celebrity TMZ got footage (of course).

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