Arsenic TV Might Be The Hottest Account On Snapchat

 Ever wonder what the models behind some of LA’s most en pointe fashion shoots get up to? Snapchats featuring scene queens in all their illicit behind-the-scenes glory are now being broadcast in social media’s most sex-friendly platform, Snapchat.

Arsenic TV is an online lifestyle and culture magazine that features concepts aimed at characterising the LA scene. Their Snapchat account has recently eclipsed all their other social media in amount of followers. To put that in perspective, they’ve got 351K on Instagram.

It started with Arsenic’s ‘Snapchat Takeover.’ Models take control of the snaps during photoshoots, parties and events. The life of these models during shoots in the art district of LA was put on show. It allowed a peak into the scene these photographers and models inhabit during creation of art. It was explicit and authentic with no rules. Dope smoking, liquor drinking and sexuality on show.

“ ..the SNAPCHAT TAKEOVER.  They allow one to offer up the raw, unedited version of oneself without filters and censoring.” – – arsenicmag.com

Asenicmagzine became Arsenictv and developed into a semi television station accessed through Snapchat. Their daily ‘snap-isodes’ now include roundtable discussions of sex and dating, meetings with industry people, international treasure hunts, castings, a range of strange-sometimes-hot-mostly-not ‘shows’ that feature models and sometimes the original Arsenic family’s working environment (which smokes Apple and Google’s funky work spaces).

There are no TV guidelines. It’s Snapchat; one second the video is there and the next it’s not. It’s still Snapchat though, so the quality resolution isn’t great and occasionally snaps get deleted. Things are missed and the screen freezes, but it can be watched almost live, including all the stuff ups, which makes it better.

Arsenictv. Get on that.

It’s an interesting new way to consume media, and perhaps an insight into the future.
Written by Harry Patchett.


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