Marcus Dibble Called Out Fortafy, Starts Beef

If you’re not aware of the social phenomenon that is Fortafy, you should get acquainted. I thought it was just one of the thousands of pages built around memes and widely circulated photos with bits of text above them saying shit like “when bae catch you sleepin'” Though there’s a lot more substance to Fortafy, who is actually a rapper, despite there being very few identifiable signs of that on his Facebook page.

Whatever the reasoning, the Brisbane-based rapper, aka Samuel Ratumaitavuki, has made it big on social media (3.5 million ‘likes’). His social media fame has brought in a bit of negativity, with a lot of people calling him a sellout. Whether or not you believe this to be true is your decision to make, though Marcus Dibble had a few words to say about the fame. Peep the video:

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