Pilot Accidentally Drops Phone From 1,000 Feet And It Recorded The Entire Fall

These days, it feels like phones are made from flimsy bits of plastic and broken promises. I endeavour to take good care of my phone and keep it unscathed throughout the trials and tribulations of life, but when it fell on the ground from table height and smashed into a million tiny pieces, I realised […]

The Silly Ibis Facebook Page Will Consume You

In 2015, we wrote an article solely dedicated to saying “fuck you” to the Ibis population of Brisbane city. The bin juice drinkers are everywhere, constantly look like want to attack you, then look so amazingly stupid when they run away as you approach them. There’s just something about ibis – the rat of the […]

How A Week On Happn Changed My Life

I find no shame in admitting I’ve done the merry-go-round as far as online dating goes. I’ve tried each crevice of the digital world, none all that much better than the other. Like the majority of my friendship circle – most of whom are wags – we had as much fun as we did funny […]