Losers Are More Likely To Believe In Conspiracy Theories, Study Finds

Everyone knows someone who’s a little bit too invested in conspiracy theories. By that, I mean everyone tolerates that weird dude who enjoys spouting complete and utter shit. Well, it looks like science has finally figured out why people flock to conspiracy theories, and it’s not necessarily a good thing. “Conspiracy theories are for losers,” […]

Laneway Just Got A New Hella Cool Way To Pay For Tickets

The summer months are a busy – and expensive – time for many Australians. With a whole host of festivals coming up, various public holidays and end of year celebrations and the communal Christmas piss-up isn’t going to fund itself. So, it’s an absolute bloody blessing when an opportunity to lessen the financial load drops […]

Naked Man Caught Wanking While Riding A Unicycle

So here we are. A man was arrested for having a bat while riding a unicycle. Naked, except for shoes and a helmet, which somehow makes it worse. And we’re going to have to talk about this. Police were called out to arrest the 52-year-old German after he was caught nude cycling and masturbating in […]