Authoritative NHS Survey Shows Worrying Mental Health Trends

New data released by NHS Digital has shown key progressions in the state of mental health throughout England. Described by the BBC as a comprehensive and authoritative snapshot, the report has highlighted the ever-changing state of mental wellbeing since 1993. Carried out every seven years, the most recent report didn’t show a ‘dramatic’ rise in the prevalence of mental […]

My Journey From Carnivore To Vegetarian (And Back)


Awhile ago, I watched a bunch of documentaries that used suarve infographics to tell me if I ate another piece of steak the entire world was going to implode. When it did, I would fall into an endless crevice that grew progressively hotter until my internal temperature was so great my organs would feel as […]

200 Turnt Kids Jumped Fence, Attacked Police At Listen Out


Police are investigating a hectic outbreak at the Joondalup (Perth) leg of Listen Out Music festival. The incident involved hundreds of teenagers gatecrashing the event, ending in three officers being assaulted, one of them by a biting attacker (probably gurning). Dozens of supporting officers arrived at the scene soon after to help control the situation. Reports […]