Check Out This Cooked As Fuck Father-Son Burnout Duo

Some loose unit named Alex Dobson has shared a video of his son Riley ripping some serious burnouts outside their home in Queeensland. The video, which clearly shows the five-year-old going HAM, has since gone viral and got the irresponsible father in a whole heap of shit. Alongside being investigated by child protection services, the majority […]

True Horrors Of The First Date

Italian man is looking another sexy woman at restaurant

First dates suck unless you love Tinder or have as much self-confidence as that Kurt Kole-thing from the Gold Coast (not hating – he’s pretty kewl). Anyway, Jennifer Gram, who writes for The Establishment, did a ‘real date conversation’ article in which she pretty much rammed the nail right through the three-ply after hitting it […]